Walli Richardson

Gloria Steinem once stated: "Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning." This quote encapsulates Walli Richardson's passionate approach to event-planning, to artistic creativity, and to life in general. It is precisely because of her imaginative capacity and her remarkable devotion to artistic excellence, along with her unparalleled attentiveness to her client's needs, that Mrs. Richardson has established herself as one of the most prominent and sought-after event planners in Denver.

Walli Richardson grew up in the off-site catering industry, where she discovered that people eat with their eyes first. It was this foundational experience that first cultivated her love for culinary excellence, spawned her devotion to exceptional client-service, and nurtured her blossoming knowledge of event design/presentation. She has studied architecture, art-history, as well as interior design, and employs this multifaceted knowledge to bring inspiration, beauty, and eloquence to every event that she organizes.

Walli's remarkable attention to detail as well as her ability to listen carefully to her client's needs and wishes have established her as a renowned and accomplished figure in the event-planning arena. It is this attentive focus on her relationship with her client's, and their every need/desire, that has contributed to Mrs. Richardson's impeccable reputation and her enormous, clientele base--a base of long-standing, trusting, and loyal clients. Her approach to event planning is based on one simple premise: that each event becomes the vision of the client realized. She employs her skills and innovation to interpret and breathe life/inspiration into the dreams and expectations of her clients; her final aspiration for every event is that each client feels like a guest at their own function.

Mrs. Richardson has achieved many prestigious accolades throughout her career. She has won the Brown International Partnership Award as well as multiple ICON awards--recognizing her contributions to the community and her excellence in the field of event design. She has attracted many A-list clients, in both the social realm and various non-profit arenas.

In the future she hopes to continue her dedication to excellence in her field, and looks forward to meeting new challenges with innovation and increased fervor for what she loves most--designing exquisite and unforgettable events for her client. She aspires to bring fresh ideas, expertise, and flawless service to each customer. She also hopes to offer more pro-bono services to the community by providing assistance to underfunded charities and other philanthropic institutions.